Audition Etudes and Information Audition Requirements Students are responsible for knowing all 12 Major Scales and the Chromatic Scale. Students will be given three minutes to perform all 12 Major Scales and the Chromatic scale. Major Scales should follow the Circle of Fifths starting on Concert F. 2018 Colorguard Dancer Tryout Instructions 2018 Drum Major Tryout Instructions 2018 Mallet Percussion Tryout Instructions 2018 Percussion Tryout Instructions 2018 Wind Instrument Tryout Instructions Two Prepared Pieces (Links Below) Sightreading Audition Etude Yearly Requirements STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENTIRE ETUDE. EXCERPTS WILL BE CHOSEN BY JUDGES ON THE DAY OF AUDITIONS.    WOODWIND ETUDES Flute Etudes   Piccolo Call Back Etude Year A Oboe Etudes Bassoon Etudes Clarinet Etudes Bass Clarinet Etudes Eb Contrabass Clarinet Etudes Bb Contrabass Clarinet Etudes Alto Saxophone Etudes Tenor Saxophone Etudes Baritone Saxophone Etudes BRASS ETUDES Trumpet Etudes French Horn Etudes Trombone Etudes Baritone BC Etudes Baritone TC Etudes Tuba Etudes:  Year A  Year B Year C Year D Year E PERCUSSION ETUDES Snare Etudes: Year A Year B Year C Year D Year E Tenor Etudes: Year A Year B Year C Year D Year E Keyboard Etudes: Year A Year B Year C Year D Year E Call Back Timpani and Mallet Etudes: Year A Year B Year C Year D Year E PERCUSSION AUDITION REQUIREMENTS The following rudiments are required for the audition: Five Stroke Roll Inverted Flam Tap Flam Long Roll Flam Accent Nine Stroke Roll Flam Drag Paradiddle Flam Tap Paradiddle-diddle   (not alternated, right hand lead every time) (ex. rlrrllrlrrllrlrrllrlrrll) Rudiments will be timed to not more than one minute per rudiment. YOU MUST OPEN AND CLOSE EACH RUDIMENT IN ONE (1) MINUTE
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